Introduction To Pig Farming

Introduction to Pig Farming 

Welcome to another topic on NAGRO.  I was thinking of finishing everything on poultry before moving on to pig,  cattle,  goat,  bee,  snail, etc. But many people think we are being biased and I don’t want them to look at it that way.


So we are dropping a few notes on pig farming.

Pig is a lucrative business,  you would just take your money no matter what you do.

The reason is that pigs give birth to a lot of piglets (small pigs).

And pigs don’t eat food that is competitive to humans like maize.


What they eat is cassava peel, GNC, and blood meal,  and if you have the money you can buy ready-made food for your pigs.

So,  these make the business very lucrative just that it has a religious barrier,  some religion doesn’t eat pigs and some culture too is against it.

But believe me,  there is nothing bad about pig

Now that fish is becoming expensive,  even catfish food is not affordable for farmers


Chicken is becoming a rich man business in Nigeria,  well we can still hide in the shadow of piggery.

They don’t eat food that competes with humans, unlike chickens that eat human food such as maize,  corn,  soya,  etc.

You can start with one male and two female pig

Why am not using the terms in piggery,  just because I want you to be carried along?

This is just an introduction.

Please drop your comments so we can talk about many areas uncovered.

Let your comments be your question…

We would reply with a post.

Introduction to Pig Farming