When is the right time to deworm chicken?

When is the right time to deworm chicken?
This is a question many farmers want to know the answer to, especially the new and young farmers.
When i started farming, i wish i had a tutor so that i would not learn in the hard way. 
These are one of the reason this blog, NAGRO was created to solve problens.
Depending on the age and the type of chicken, when i say the type of chicken, what i mean is that, are they layers or broilers.
If it were laying Chickens, it is part of the management routine that you must vaccinate them once a two month. 
For better result and to keep the chicken in optimal production.
It would have make a lot of sense if we deworm layers every month but deworming often comes with a lot of stress. And we know what happens when chicken are stressed .
If it were broilers, you can deworm them at 3 weeks of age. Because deworming induce stress in chicken.
 Hence, the reason for deworming at 3 weeks.
You can deworm your broilers again at 6weeks. That means you will deworm your broilers twice before selling them off. 
But it also depends when you want to sell them off. But let there be 3 weeks interval between the deworming.
Some people might decide the deworm them once before selling at 5weeks or 4weeks of age. But it all depends on how long do you intend to keep your chicken.
I think i have in one way or the other answer the question.