The use of amoxylin and tetracycline for birds, Turkey and other animals

The use of amoxylin and tetracycline for  birds, Turkey, animals and rabbit etc
The combination of amoxylin and tetracycline is effective for treatment of many gram negative and positive bacteria like_ 
__white dropping, yellow drooping, greenish drooping ,brown drooping.
__Escherichia Coli ( E.Coli infection)
_bacteria disease.
__typhoid disease.
__watery diarrhea.
__pullorum disease.
__coryza infection.
__salmonella disease.
__respiratory disease .
__sinusitis infection.
Dosage  Treatment__mixed 4 tablet of amoxylin and 4 tablet of tetracycline into 4 litre water use for 5 consecutive days.
Prevention__mixed 4 tablet each to 8 litre water for 5 days
NOTE__do not use it for layers when laying eggs.
NOTE_do not use with Dutrion tablet together the same day