Starting a Poultry Farm with N23,000

Starting a Poultry Farm with N23,000
This is out of the box thinking and would do a great deal to intending farmers who are asking or wanting to know how much it would take for them to start a poultry farm.
This is a strict, straight and forward, eye opening article for us to learn from.
N23,000 is a big money for some people and it might be a saviour or the last resort for them as well.
 While some people, N23,000 is a small token that csn be use for pepper soup at a joint within a milliseconds.
What if you want to empower someone with N23,,000 ?
What if someone ask you, what can you do with N23,000?
Well,you can do a lot with N23,000.
This is not a motivation at all, its a practical sense and saying.
Shall we proceed? 
There are terms and condition for this to work.
The terms and conditions are not hard at all, which is just one.. You must have a space to raised the chicken , poultry animal.
The space to raise the poultry chicken is not something that should bother you at all.
You can gather planks from uncompleted buildings in your environment, buy nails, use stone and build a small cage for yourself .
Or you can look for unused / abandoned poultry cage in your area and beg the owner to borrow you for some time..
Note that we havent started spending our N23,000.
If you have previous experience about poultry chicken, it would help. It you have experience or knowledge about raising chicken from day old, it would be marvellous.
Dont waste youe time and energy.
Look for a reputable seller,those who sell 4 week old broilers . Reputable in the sense that they have records of the source where they bought the broiler, they have record of all the vaccination.
At four weeks, the poultry chicken should have been vaccinated against newcastle and gumboro. At four weeks they should have fully grow or 60% grown feathers. 
Some broilers dont have much feathers anyway. But at four week,  you have little no nothing to worry about.
The price of 4 weeks broiler should be around 900 -1100 depending on season, depending on locations.
Lets say you buy 9 poultry chicken at the rate of 1000 each Making you spend the sum of N9,000
N23,000 – N9,000 = N14,000 
You have N14,000 remaining in your pocket.
You buy antibiotics and multivatamins for N1500 or you can decide to go organic if you like.
Organic is cheaper and we have a lot of post on organic farming on this site
Lets say you buy antibiotics and multivaitamins for N1500
N14,000 – N1500 = N12,500
N12,500 is what is remaining.
Since the broilere are just 4 weeks, you just need to boost them for two more weeks before selling, you just need to feed them for two more weeks.
 At 6 weeks, broiler are alrewdy ready for selling.
What you need is finisher feed for your 9 broiler chicken.
You need 1½ bags of feed to feed them for two weeks.
Since they are just 9 broilers…
We have articles on how to make your broiler gain more weight on this site.. Which would be extra useful..
Broiler finisher feed should be around N6,500
N12,500 – N6,500 = N6,000
Dont forget that you are buying 1 ½ bag , so lets calculate for the ½bag
Full bag of finisher is N6500, half bag would be N3250
Dont forget we have 6,000 left.
N6,000 – N3250 = N2750
What remain from the capital of N23,000 is N2750.
The N2750 can be used for miscellaneous.
Incase of high feed price , drug or whatever..
Well, am not mister perfect.
Lets say 2 broiler died. Remaining 7.
If you see the remaining 7 at the rate of N3,000 
7 x N3,000 = N21,000
This would be a shortage, as your initial startup is N23,000
So, lets say yoy sold them at N4,000
7 x N4,000 = N28,000
Selling at N4,000 will give you a profit of 
N28,000 – N23,000 = N5,000
You make a profit of N5,000.
Welll, what do you think?