Rearing broiler Chicken

Rearing Broiler Chicken
Broiler chicken is one of the most profitable business any one can do.
The problem about broiler chicken is that many don’t know how to raised or rear them.
Well, there is nothing to worry about as Nagro would be explaining in details how to rear broiler chicken.
To go into rearing of broiler chicken, I believe that you have acquired your birds from a reputable farm, some broiler grow better than the other. Some breed of broilers are tall while other breeds of broiler chickens are short, they have body weight than the other.
So before you go into broiler chicken, you must have surveyed the breed you want even if you don’t know how to rear them, this will teach you how to rear broiler chicken.
Before the arrival of your broiler chicken, you must have prepared where you want to keep your broiler chicken. There must be wood shaven in the house or place where you want to rear the broiler chicken.
There must be heat, whether you use lantern to generate heat or electricity, the place must be warm before the arrival of the broiler chicken.
You must have placed food in strategic places for your broiler chickens, so that when they arrived, they start eating instantly.
Get a powder milk and glucose ready for your broiler chicken, immediately they arrive, give them glucose and milk in as their drink for that day, don’t give your broiler chicken ordinary water.
you pick the birds one by one and put their mouth on the feed, put their mouth on the water, you teach them how to eat and drink.
Before you know it, many chicken broilers would be eating, if some are already or have started eating, others would join them and they would all be eating.
The second day give your broiler chicken multi vitamins, the third day you give them anti biotics.
broiler chicken
Follow the medication tables below to know which drug to give and which vaccine to give broiler chicken
weeks.              vaccines
1.                        New Castle disease
2.                        Gumboro
3.                         New Castle disease
4.                         Gumboro
vaccination table
If you really want to make profit from your broiler chicken, don’t raised them for more than 8 weeks to maximize profit
The type of feed for broiler chickens
The first Five week you give them broilers starter, because broiler started contains more protein than broilers finisher
Starting from the sixth week, what you will give them is finisher.
Note that high protein kills broilers, hence the reason for finisher because broilers finisher contain less protein compare to broilers starter.
There is nothing difficult in broiler chicken, if you face any small difficulty, use anti biotic for 2-3 days and they would be OK