Quick substitute for poultry feed in case of emergency

Quick substitute for poultry feed in case of emergency 
Are you out of feed for your poultry animals?  
Don’t know what to give your chickens when your feed finished? 
And many more questions like won’t my chicken or poultry animal die from hunger? 
Well, it happens sometimes like that when we miscalculated how many bags of feed would last your poultry animals for a particular period of time. 
If it’s broilers, you don’t have problem.  You can give them ordinary water pending the time you have the money to buy feed or pending the time the feedmill will be opened or pending the time the feed store would open. 
Chicken can survive or should I say manage with water for a day or two but don’t let it exceed these so as not to loose all your chicken and investment. 
You can’t starve them feed and at the same time starve them water. 
I don’t want to go deep into these but hey,  try and get feed. 
Broilers are good animals,  they eat almost anything and can convert it to meat. 
You might look for kitchen left overs like rice etc and give them instead of giving ordinary water. 
They would gladly eat them. 
You can’t do this for layers (laying chicken)  because they would not lay eggs for you during the period of no feed and their egg production would drop faster than you think which might take weeks to recover. This would make you loose a lot of money,  so please don’t try it. 
It’s not good to starve animals,  please do the needful