Pox and Fowl (Chicken) with treatment

Pox and Fowl (Chicken)
Pox is an external body that grows on any part of the chicken which are not originally part of their body. The common part of the body of a chicken that is well know to us includes the following but are not limited to what is only on this list.
Part of the body of a chicken is the head, we know that the head contains the eye, the nostril, the beak, the wattles, the comb etc.
The other part of the body of a chicken are legs, hands, neck, etc.
Any growing from any part of the chicken that is not originally part of the body is called Pox. It looks like Boil.
We or say scientist could have called it chicken pot since the name of the animals involved is chicken and the name of the disease is pic but it was called fowl pic simply because there was a disease in humans in the early years on man that was called chicken pox. So, on this basis, the name fowl pox is used in other not to create confusion between the disease of man and that of animals. Fowl pic is for animal (chicken) while chicken pot is referring to The disease of Man.
Fowl Pox is not a Zoonotic disease, I mean it is not a disease that affects man and animal, it is not a disease that can be transmitted from chicken to man, or should I say, the fowl Pox would not affect or infect the person taking care of the chickens. So, put your mind at rest.
How do your Chicken get fowl Pox
I want You to know that there are factors that affect fowl Pox, which includes
Weather: Fowl Pox is a disease that is very popular in Africa and some other continent but it’s very important in poultry farm as far as Africa is concern.
Feed : Contaminated feed is one of the source of fowl Pox, may be if one or two ingredients in the feed were not properly dried, it could give room for micro organism to grow .
Mosquitoes: Chicken can get fowl Pox once they are bitten by mosquitoes. Some mosquitoes are carrier of the disease and that’s why most poultry house are always covered with nets to prevents mosquitoes from biting chicken.
How to treat fowl Pox
It can be treated using any fowl Pox medicine on any vet office, or where they sell animal drug, Pox off, Pox cure or any drug that is specifically for that purpose.
Prevention of Fowl Pox And how to vaccinate against fowl Pox
You can vaccinate your chicken at 6 weeks of Age via the Wing web stabbing
There is an applicator for doing that, a device called jabber ( which look like a needle but with a plastic base where you can hold) , you can buy it in any vet shop near you. You can vaccinate your chicken against fowl Pox once they are 6weeks, you mix the vaccine in syring water, use the jabber to touch the vaccine, the jabber would pick a drop or two from the vaccine, and then you stab the chicken with the jabber which was drip and removed from the diluted fowl Pox vaccine, you stab the chicken at the wing.
You just don’t stab by the wing, it has technicalities which we can cover here.
The following day after vaccination, you would see a small dot or a small rising from the place where the chicken has been stab.
This is usually done in the morning. Don’t forget, vaccination of chicken against fowl Pox is a preventive measures taken to prevents the chicken from having fowl Pox.
Cover the poultry house with net, clean the surroundings because of mosquitoes.
Organic way of treating Fowl pox
This can be done, fowl Pox Cam be treated using palm oil and salt.
Put small salt into palm oil, use it to rob the affected surface, twice daily, it would dried off.
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