Poultry Biosecurity and Hygiene

Poultry Biosecurity and Hygiene 
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Biosecurity is a way of preventing spread of disease in your farm. While hygiene refers to how neat and clean your poultry house and environment is. 
We know that poultry is not for lazy people but we ended up seeing poultry house or farmers as dirty people or place to be. It shouldn’t be. 
For Biosecurity and Hygiene,  some steps must be put in place which are not limited to the following ways 
Reduce the way people visit your Farm.  Have visited some farms in the past and I still visit farms and I know the way some big farms made a boundary for visitors,  as a visitor of a farm,  you have limited access to some part of The farm.  Have been to some farm and they don’t even allow me to enter, I just stay at the gate. While some farms have sections for visitors where you can peep and see the chickens from afar but not too close. 
The reason for this is because,  you don’t know where your visitor is coming from and he might be a carrier of a disease or his clothes or his/she might be the carrier and you don’t want him to drop the disease in your farm,  which may lead to the death of your birds. 
Stop going to other poultry Farms.. Going to other farms too might be a big issue because you don’t know the level of their hygiene or Biosecurory and taking it back to your farm,  you don’t want to carry disease to your Farm. 
Keep Rodent and Pest away from your Poultry Farm .. We know mosquito bite can cause fowl pic in chicken,  hence the reason for poultry wire mesh,  what about bush meat like rats etc,  what do you think they carry with their legs  Or mouth ?  Especially If they are eating your chicken feed.?  It might chars havoc. 
Keep Areas Around your poultry Farm clean,… Cleaning ness is next to godliness. Some people don’t know that chicken are also affected with bad smell,  bad smell from poultry droppings can cause your birds to stop eating,  fall sick and eventually die. That’s why poultry droppings must be clean,  the waste must be far from the poultry house.  The poultry sorrundings must be clean,  the bush must be cleared and visible to sight to avoid snake hide out. 
Uses of FoothBath… If you have been to some farms,  you would notice that there is something like a hole at the entrance of the Farm which some chemicals are put.  The functions is that you dip your foot or shoe inside the water (chemicals)   in the hole which will kill some germs or diseases which may be hiding at the base of the shoe or leg.  The functions of the foot bath is to kill the germs and prevent from entering your poultry farm. 
Some farms uses disinfectant as footbath but how effective is the disinfectant? 
Please use recommended chemicals for your footbath, ask other farmers in your area or animal clinic near your for guidance. 
But we are dropping a picture of the international recommended foot bath chemicals. 
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