Organic treatment for cough and sneeze in poultry

Organic treatment for cough and sneeze in poultry
You want a cure for a problem, but lets look at the causes of the problem.
You csn give drugs to your poultry animals but if the cause is not removed, its a wasted effort.
What do you think would have caused the cough?
That means there is a dust or cold somewhere..
How  are you handling the dust and cold?
Is it the brooding material or the environment?
If all these are answered then you are ready for the solution to cough and sneeze in poultry.
For the treatment of cough and sneeze , the organic remedy are 
Canyenne pepper 
Try and get the powder of these ingredients mentiomed above.
Add the powder to your feed before giving it to your chicken or poultry birds
You will see changes within two days.
The dosage or measurement: 5g to 5kg of feed
Make sure you dont add it to their whole feed, just add it to the ones they want to eat at that moment.
May be you want to give the chickens the drug in the morning, only add it to the feed they would eat in the morning, in the afternoon they would eat their normal unmixed feed.
The reasons is because you dont want your chickens to stay off feed, the taste would be somehow different from the normal feed without the ingredients above.
So when mixing the above ingredients to feed, make sure its only added to feed they can finish within 2hours.