Organic Farming vs Non Organic Farming

Organic Farming vs Non Organic Farming
Forget it, this is a very sensitive post as some new farmers are finding themselves in between these and they needed a breakthrough.
Organic Farming is when you use leaves and trees in your environment to solve diseases or ailment.
Non organic Farming is when you buy ready made drugs from animal store or clinic and use the drug for your animals.
The real reason or origin of organic farming Are
When research prove that non organic method of farming leaves residue in animals, and most farmers are only after their pocket.
  some farmers would not wait for withdrawal period (a period for the drug to wear off) before disposing their animals, and as a result it affect the person that eat that kind of animals.
 These give rises to diseases like cancer etc.
2nd reason for organic farming
When african people think of their roots, how herbal drugs have kept them alive right from childhood.
 So, those who are into farming thought of applying the knowledge of these herbal into their farm , if it can work for humans then it should be able to work for animals. 
These are the reason and source of organic farming .
But can we really go organic?
Is the population ready for organic ?
Those who practice organic farming, many of them are into trial and error. There is little research on organic farming, this i can say .
A non stop research is going on non organic farming
There is little awareness on organic farming and i must say that organic farming is for experience farmer.
I cant say that non organic farming has all the awareness but let me ask, if you have a problem with your animal, who would you call? Definitely a vet or a senior farmer, what he would tell you to do is to get ready made drugs for your animals, which are non organic.
When you look at the farm produce of both organic and non organic farming, you will see that people prefer non organic farming produce simply because its bigger compare to organic.
Most organic are not for all type of animals, e.g you cant use christmas melon for laying chicken, you cant be using organic farming for laying chicken 100%. 
Non organic is for all animals and there is research on it to differentitate which drug should be use for which type of animals.
Please if you have more reasons, kindly drop it