Making your own Onion Powder

Making your own Onion Powder
If you remember very well, we release an update on how to use onion as a growth promoter for broiler, we talked about the characteristeris of Onions and the right dosage to use for broiler.
But if you miss the update, kindly click on this Link Here to get the Full details.
Today we want to teach Farmers how to male Onion Powder, so that you can add it to your animal drinking water or food.
Or for Home usage.
Can we start?
1. First of all,
Get your Onions ready, by now you must have bought your onions.
Whether from the market or from the Aboki Man.
2. Peel the Onions, remove the external Covering of the Onions.
3. Slice the Onions into Pieces
4. Put the Sliced onions in a dry Oven and dry the Onions.
4b. I bet we dont have dry over, the alternative to using a dry Oven is to place the sliced onion in a conner of your kitchen or room.
Wait for it to gradually dry till it dry finish. The drying can take weeks to completely dry finish.
5. Blend the dried Onions using your blender to turn it into Powder.
Now you have Your Onion Powder, what to do with it is in your hands.
Thanks for reading