List Of Poultry Equipments And Their Uses In Poultry Farming

List Of Poultry Equipments And Their Uses In Poultry Farming

Are you planning to go into poultry farming but don’t have an idea about equipments necessary to start up your farm? If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore as we will be walking you through the list of Poultry equipments and their uses in this article, so keep reading.


Before we move ahead, let’s look at what Poultry Equipment is all about.

What is Poultry Equipment

Poultry Equipment is Instruments or tools utilized for a certain task or activity in managing chicken production. If poultry houses aren’t adequately furnished and stocked with appliances, they won’t operate effectively. These are the fundamental conditions for effective poultry management.

There are many different kinds of poultry equipment that are accessible and essential for productive chicken raising. Having all of this equipment will help you to run your farm smoothly.


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List Of Poultry Equipments And Their Uses

1. Conical Drinkers

List Of Poultry Equipments And Their Uses

The water fountain, which can be formed of galvanized iron, aluminum, plastic, or clay, is the most common structure for drinkers. They are typically partially cylindrical or conical. Their capacities range from 2 to 6 or 8 liters. The design should make washing simple and thorough.

Some drinkers resemble troughs. Galvanized angle iron is used to make them. Water pollution is prevented by 7.5 cm-spaced bars. You have the option of manually filling the trough or using an automatic system based on a ball valve with a spring-loaded attachment to the supply pipe.


A groove that regulates the water flow to the surroundings should be present at the drinker’s base.

2. Poultry Feeder

List Of Poultry Equipments And Their Uses
Poultry Feeder

A feeder is a piece of equipment used to feed poultry birds. Generally, some foods are placed in the feeder, and the poultry birds begin eating from there. Feeders made of plastic or metal are commonly used to feed chickens.

To keep the chickens healthy, the feeder should always be neat and clean. Keep enough feeders in the poultry house for the number of birds.

If the number of feeders is less than the number of birds, they will not consume enough food and their health will suffer; if the number of feeders exceeds the number of chickens, the birds will waste the food and maximize your feeding costs.

So, keep the number of feeders proportional to the number of birds. In general, one feeder will feed 10-15 birds.

3. Incubator

List Of Poultry Equipments And Their Uses
Poultry Incubator

An incubator is a piece of poultry equipment used to artificially hatch a bird’s egg. In general, poultry birds hatch eggs in natural conditions, but they can only keep and hatch a limited number of eggs.

So, if you need to hatch a large number of eggs, you’ll need to use an incubator. Egg incubators come in a variety of styles. The most common and widely used incubators are diesel and electric.


4. Poultry Brooders

Poultry Brooders
Poultry Brooders

Brooders keep young birds warm during their first few weeks of life when they are unable to regulate their own body temperature.

Brooder guards keep the young birds close to the heat and food supply.

Brooder guards can be constructed out of flexible materials such as ceiling boards, cardboard, or wire netting.

Charcoal or wood stoves, kerosene lamps or stoves, electric heaters or bulbs, and brooder hens are all examples of brooders.

5. Laying Nests

Laying Nests
Poultry Laying Nests

This equipment is unique to layer and breeder management. Laying Nests which is also called Chicken Nests are areas where eggs are laid. The compartments may be designed so that one or more birds can use them at the same time.

Some nests are single or open-fronted, measuring 25-30cm wide, 30-35cm high, and 30-36cm deep.

A 1.5-10cm litter-retaining board runs across the front. There is also a 10cm alighting perch where the birds can land before entering the nest.

In an ideal world, there would be a way to close the nests in the evening so that birds do not roost in dirty eggs.

Individual nest boxes and colony nest boxes are the two types of nest boxes that could be used.

Nests could be arranged in 2-3 tiers of four to six nests each. The lowest tier could be 45cm off the ground.

6. Egg Handling Equipment

Egg Handling Equipment
Egg Handling Equipment

Egg Handling Nest or cages are used for transporting eggs from one place to another place. It reduces the risk of damage to eggs while transported for marketing purposes.

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7. Coops and Cages

There are many companies available that produce ready-made coops or cages for poultry. These types of coops and cages are very suitable for small-scale poultry rearing.


Other poultry equipment is also available that is very useful for successful poultry production. You can also build your own equipment based on your needs. These are the poultry equipment you’ll need to run a profitable poultry farming business.