Importance of Maize in Animal Feed

Importance of Maize in Animal Feed
Many people want to compound feed and don’t know the importance of maize while those who have been formulating feed don’t really know why everyone is adding maize to their chicken feed or fish feed. 
Well this article is all about the explanation why maize is the most favorite ingredient in feed. 
Maize is any energy source though there are other numerous energy source like sorghum, other corn etc.  But why maize? 
May be it’s because of this part of the world NIGERIA where most animal farmers don’t plant maize, or any other energy source. 
Because I doubt if maize is there favourite energy source in other countries. 
Maize has a lot of energy when compared to other energy source .
It’s anti nutritive factor ( anti nutritive factor are like poison on maize that would not make the nutrient in the maize available for absorption by the animal) 
The anti nutritive factor in maize can be easily broken down by heat,  during maize grating in the mill or while mixing,  the heat produce broke down the anti nutrient in maize thereby making maize the best energy source in feed. 
Many people have tried to use cassava or cassava pill but the anti nutrient factor is very thick and strong that you have to cook it to break it down. 
The more reasons why maize is the most favourite energy ingredient in feed is because it help animals to gain weight.  
Animal feed maize always have weight compare to animal with little or low maize 
Maize stay longer to digest compare to other energy source,  animal feed maize would stay off feed for some hours while drinking a lot of water for maize to digest. 
But the problem of maize is that it is highly competitive in NIGERIA. 
If only farmers would start planting maize,  may be it would reduce the cost of maize.