Hypo for Treating Poultry Disease – Truth and Myth

Hypo for Treating Poultry Disease – Truth and Myth
Am an Animal Lover, and would be an animal guardian may be my next Life.
The love i have for animals make we go to school to read about them and at the same time get the books i can buy to learn more.
I always look at things from this perspective, what i cant eat or drink. I dont give it to my animals.
More Over, Hypo is a bleaching agent. Why would you want to give your animal a bleach? Especially Chicken.
Is it that you dont have money for drugs or you are trying to reduce the cost of production?
There are drugs we called OTC, over the counter drugs. 
These are drugs you cant find in the store or in a pharmacy. 
But these drugs do wonders and works perfectly. 
These drugs are called OTC simply because it doesnt have regulations or have not yet been approve for human use and consumption or it is harmful because of the ingredients in it. Or because of other reasons.
These type of drug have no license and any good pharmacy must not sell them because they wouldnt wannt to loose their license.
Hypo does not belong to OTC drug, it was not a drug and should not be use like a drug.
If you are not thinking of your chicken, what about those who will buy the chicken?
What if all your chickens die while trying to cut corners?
Please dont ise HYPO