How to reduce chicken coop / poop odor

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This is the topic of discussion today, not that this topic is for farmers and intending farmers who want to learn more from their craft.
Poultry Farm or business is not for lazy people, and if you want to go into poultry and you are now concern or worried about the smell, well there is nothing to fear about as we would be discussing in length how to reduce smell to a bearable minimum.
To Reduce smell.
Cleaning of Poultry House : How regularly do you clean your poultry house, some people are lazy at this work, they want to rear chicken and now clean their house, they only manage to clean it once a month or more than that. But believe me, poultry house should be clean weekly to reduce chicken coop odor / smell.
Think of your chicken as yourself, can you stay and hit in an environment full of your own feces? That’s a capital No, there would be irritation, there would be smell, and for your information, too much of smell from poultry farm will predispose your chicken to disease.
The odour, smell, coming from a dirty poultry affects the chicken, they won’t grow faster, they would be falling sick often and often. But a clean environment would not be a breeding environment for diseases like E.coli and etc.
Using Lavaside / Anyflyguard Or any other available alternative : This is a powder like substance that you can buy from any vet store, any shop or store that sell poultry, animal drugs. It’s usually N500 in Nigeria.
You add it to their feed according to the manufacturer’s prescription, before giving the feed to the chicken, what it does is that it prevents the growth of maggot in the feces, it reduces flies thereby reducing the odor/Smell.