How to make Broiler grow Faster and Bigger

How to Make your Broiler grow faster and Bigger
This is a secret you can’t find anywhere but here only.
Don’t forget that our post are for you to learn and to inspire ourself as they are pure practical and from practical experience. 
Broiler is a meat chicken,  it’s a chicken that is genetically manufactured to produce meat if some certain conditions were met. 
What can you do to make your broiler grow faster? 
What can you do to make your broiler bigger? 
Am going to give out a secret you would pay a billion to have and nobody would give you anything. 
You can give Broilers the whole leave in the world,  you can give them the whole feed in the world,  you can give Broilers the world and still no perform well based on standard. 
Reasons why you broilers are not performing well are not limited to the following reasons 

Bad breed / sources of broilers : Sometimes there are some kind of mixture in the farm and they mistakenly give you cockerel or other chicken instead of broiler.  In this case your broiler would not grow well or even perform. 
There are some instance there is a problem in the hatchery and they would not tell the buyer and this would affect your broilers performance.  
That is why you have to sources / get your broiler from reputable farms. 
A farm doing good today might do bad tomorrow,  that’s because hatchery change their workers,  they change management and some workers can be lazy about their work in terms of sanitation etc which would affect their output. 
Management : Management of broilers is your big problem,  this include giving them the right promotion of feed as at when due,  don’t ration food for your broilers.  The more they eat,  the more they turn the feed into meat,  the more they eat the bigger they become. So don’t ration food for your broilers.  Don’t give them bad water or unclean water,  some water may contains germs and may affect their health,  when broilers are sick it really affect their growth. 
Still under management,  don’t be lazy about cleaning their house,  Well looking environment promotes good growth.  Make sure the broiler house or pen is not wet,  make sure it has a good ventilation. 
Feed:Use the right broiler freed at the right time,  don’t use broiler starter when you are to use finisher. 
Use quality feed for your broilers,  as a matter of fact formulate your own feed so as to be sure of all the necessary ingredients. 
If you notice your broiler are not doing well when you are using a particular feed,  please change the feed,  use another brand or name. 
Vaccination program: Your broiler are not going to grow well if you don’t follow the vaccination programs. 
We have The following vaccines For broilers 
Newcastle vaccine 
Drugs: Drugs are different from vaccines,  drugs like anti biotic,  anti inflammatory etc are used often in broiler productions to enhance their growth. 
This is where the big secrets are coming in,  you can substitute drug for herbs but you can’t substitute vaccines. 
You can use some leaves and trees to enhance their productivity 
Scent leaves can be dried and make into powder,  add it to their feed twice a week 
Give broilers a lot of water because they drink a lot, but let me tell you something. 
Don’t just give them water,  ordinary water. 
Always give them multivitamins instead of giving broilers ordinary water. 
You only give your broilers water when they are on drugs 
Don’t forget to deepen your broilers 3 weeks , and 6 weeks to get rid of worms 
Big secrets: 
When they are 1 – 5 weeks,  make sure your broiler eat food that are having a very high protein,  a food with a lot of soya or GNC but not too much because if protein (soya)  is in excess I’m broiler food,  they would find it hard to deficate and it would lead to extruded vent,  so to avoid this in broilers make sure they have a lot of water and not in excess protein but they need a lot of protein. 
Make sure you add a lot but not too much lysine in their feed at 1-7 weeks,  it would make them tall and make their comb big
Add methionine to their food at 8-9weeks, a lot of this would make them heavy and have weight. 
Note: Those big secret won’t work well if you do not follow the basic guidelines mentioned above. It would work but you the different might not be much. 
Many people want their broiler to be big and they would not feed their broiler,  the secret is not magic.. 
Don’t raise broiler more than 8weekz ….