How to flush your Chicken when you have a failed vaccination or when your chicken are having a green poop

How to flush your Chicken when you have a failed vaccination or when your chicken are having a green poop
This is not a joke at all, it cost me about 500 layers at 12weeks and I loose all the chickens. 
I get to know this information after loosing all my chickens,  I get it from a farmer like me. 
That is why as a farmer,  you must mingle with other farmers and learn from the also.  Do not forget bio security.  Farmers can hang out in a cool place except from farm and have a chat. 
This help a lot, by doing this farmers can learn from each other. 
For this article,  I would be talking about the combination of two drugs.  The drugs are going to be combined when using. 
When you noticed that your chicken are dying,  and you open your dead chicken and see green substance or green liquid all over the carcass,  when you see green substance all over the stomach and intestines.  Then this flushing is for you.  To stop others from dying the same course. 
This article is for you if you vaccinate your chicken,  and after vaccination your chicken start dying due to fail vaccination.  This article is for you. 
When you notice that your chicken are having a green poop or green coop,  this article is for you.  You need to flush your chicken’s system. 
Well let’s start. 
To flush your chicken,  you need a combination of VIRAMIX AND BHOXYGEN
Have taken my time to Google Search about this drugs and copy one or two things to read about them. 
Viramix 500ml mixture is an iodine-based veterinary solution to pathogen problems on the farm. It is a veterinary mixture that improves livestock immunity against outbreaks of viral disease.
Antivirals are medications that help your body fight off certain viruses that can cause disease. Antiviral drugs are also preventive. They can protect you from getting viral infections or spreading a virus to others.
They are a class of medication used for treating viral infections. Most antivirals target specific viruses, while a broad-spectrum antiviral is effective against a wide range of viruses. Unlike most antibiotics, antiviral drugs do not destroy their target pathogen; instead, they inhibit its development.
Antiviral drugs are recommended for both treatment and prevention of flu. Antiviral drugs work best when taken within 48 hours of the onset of flu symptoms, but they may still offer benefits when taken later. These medications may reduce the duration of flu by one to two days and prevent severe flu complications.
How do antiviral medications work?
There is an increasing interest in the use of antiviral agents for the treatment of viral infections in animals. Antiviral medicines work differently depending on the drug and virus type.
Antivirals can:
 Block receptors so viruses can’t bind to and enter healthy cells.
    Boost the immune system, helping it fight off a viral infection.
    Lower the viral load (amount of active virus) in the body.
Bhoxygen is an antibiotics indicated for the treatment of active strains of gram-ve and gram+ve micro-organisms susceptible to gentamycine and/or doxycycline such as chlamydia, actinomycetes, richettisia, mycoplasma and large viruses, also in case of gastrointestinal  and respiratory tract infections in calves, pigs and poultry.
Bhoxygen WSP is an antibiotic that is suitable for the treatment of active strains of Gram-negative and Gram-positive organisms including chlamydia, actinomyces, rickettsia, mycoplasma and large viruses
IF you are very sensitive,  you would notice that VIRAMIX is liquid while bhoxygen is powder. 
Either case or form that it come from,  be it liquid/liquid or powder’powder or liquid /powder and any other form the two drugs might come from.  You are using the combination of the two drug to flush your chickens system. 
Am not giving you a particular dosage because the dosage would depends on the number of chicken you have. 
But please read the manufacturer’s manual for dosage. 
Please use The combination of these drug for 3-5 days after which you would give them water the following day. 
The combination of these drug has been proven effective and it’s a confirm information. 
Thank you very much for reading.