How To Breed Broiler Chicken in Nigeria | All You Need To Know

How To Breed Broiler Chicken in Nigeria | All You Need To Know

Broiler chicken breeding in Nigeria is not as difficult as many people would like to make it appear because it is a profitable business that is likely mostly untapped, which is why people will not want you to get into it to avoid crowding out the business.


Broilers are meat-producing poultry breeds. They are similar to other common poultry birds in that they have been genetically modified to produce more meat in a shorter period of time.

It is critical to provide birds with comfortable and growth-specific housing or shed areas. Site selection is an important factor to consider. A broiler farm should have enough land, a good water supply, and electricity, as well as market access for purchasing farm inputs and selling farm products. The housing should have adequate ventilation and wind flow.

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What are the Types Of Broiler Breeds Available in Nigeria?

1. Cornish Cross Broilers

How To Breed Broiler Chicken in Nigeria

It is a fast-growing kind of chicken. You may also recognize it by the name “Cornish Rock.” To grow such a chicken broiler will take you from six to eight weeks.

2. Grinphield Marshall

It usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks for a broiler chick to grow up to the “table size.” These birds are big and tall.

3. Red Broilers

A chicken of this kind also grows up a bit slower. However, the primary advantage of these birds is their strong resistance to diseases, what makes them more appropriate for outdoor production.


4. Roaster chicks (also called Moyer’s Broiler or Cornish Giants)

These birds can reach a weight of over 4 lbs by 6 weeks of age. Their skin texture is good, while breast meat is tender.

5. Rosambro Broilers

These broiler chickens belong to a medium-growth kind. However, they grow a bit faster than the red broilers. The unique taste also characterizes their meat.

6. Delaware Broilers

The white Delawares have black barring on their necks and tails. Males reach maturity at 8 pounds, while females reach maturity at 6 pounds. Delawares, unlike some other broiler breeds, are also useful for small-scale egg production.


How To Breed Broiler Chicken in Nigeria

To continue with the topic of this article, let us look at how to good broiler breed

How to Select Good Broiler Breed

Selecting a good broiler breed is usually a tricky aspect of Broiler breeding, this can be a lot of things. First things first are selecting a very strong and well breeder and then going through the following…

During brooding, place chick guard for first week around them. Most importantly, adjust the hover temperature to 95 degrees Fahrenheit at the first week and reduce by 5 degrees Fahrenheit every week until 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Broiler Hatchery in Nigeria

There are many Broiler hatcheries in Nigeria where you can buy your broiler but here we will be listing the best ones which are as follows;

  • Agrited Lagos State Ross
  • Zartech Oyo State Cobb AA
  • CHI Ajanla Ibadan Arbor Acre +
  • Farm Support Oyo State Arbor Acre
  • Sayed Ross 308
  • Fidan Ibadan, Oyo State Hubbard
  • Olam Cobb 500
  • NPG Cobb 500
  • Obasanjo Igboora Oyo State Marshall

After giving you the list of where to get your young broilers, the next thing we will be looking at is the feeding aspect

Make Sure To Feed Your Birds Well

Feed plays a vital role in poultry farming and is the major cost of poultry production, affecting bird production output. Improper feeding causes a variety of deficiency diseases, resulting in poor productivity.

Also, ensure that the feed contains all of the necessary nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals, and vitamins) in the proper proportions for the birds’ growth. In addition to the regular nutrients, some additives are required to aid digestion and growth and are typically included in common commercial feeds.

Types of Poultry Feed

Age of chicks                                            Feed type

0-10days                                                     Pre-starter

11-21days                                                    Starter

22days-Marketing                                    Finisher

Estimated Feed Consumption of Broiler Farming

Chicks age in days      Feed weight in body    Weight gain/day grams

1st day                 20gm/bird/day                       45-55gms

2nd day                22gm/bird/day                       55-95gms

3rd day                 24gm/bird/day                       95-135gms

4th day                 26gm/bird/day                       135-175gms

5th day                 28gm/bird/day                       175-215gms

6h day                 30gm/bird/day                       215-255gms

7th day                 32gm/bird/day                       255-295gms

8th day                 34gm/bird/day                       295-335gms

9th day                 36gm/bird/day                       335-385gms

10th day               38gm/bird/day                       385-425gms

11th day               40gm/bird/day                       425-465gms

12th day               42gm/bird/day                       465-505gms

13th day               44gm/bird/day                       505-545gms

14th day               46gm/bird/day                       545-585gms

15th day               48gm/bird/day                       585-625gms

16th day               50gm/bird/day                       625-665gms

17th day               52gm/bird/day                       665-705gms

18th day               54gm/bird/day                       705-745gms

19th day               56gm/bird/day                       745-785gms

20th day               58gm/bird/day                       785-825gms

21st day               60gm/bird/day                       825-865gms

22nd day              62gm/bird/day                       865-905gms

23rd day               64gm/bird/day                       905-945gms

24th day               66gm/bird/day                       945-985gms

25th day               68gm/bird/day                       985-1,025gms

26th day               70gm/bird/day                       1,025-1,045gms

Important Tips For Successful Broiler Chicken Breeding in Nigeria

  • Make a business plan
  • Learn from professionals
  • Target location.
  • Check your “broiler pen” or “chicken house.”
  • Get food and water done
  • Do not place the feeders on the ground to avoid moisture propagation and bacteria multiplication
  • “Keep your chicks dry.”
  • Get the right Chicken breeds
  • Buy only from a trusted owner
  • Welcome home! Before the chicks arrive home, you should get their “chicken houses” prepared.
  • Then, pre-heat the house for a minimum of 24 hours before the arrival
  • You should also ensure enough water
  • Is access to food and water simple?
  • Medical care service

Video Illustration On Broiler Breeding By Chicken Farmers of Ontario

How To Breed Broiler Chicken in Nigeria