Herbal Remedies for Poultry in Nigeria

Herbal Remedies for Poultry in Nigeria
Herbal remedies for poultry in Nigeria, NATURAL MEDICATIONS IN POULTRY REARING.
In this article,I will be discussing how small flock poultry owners can save money from drugs and also raise organic chickens.Fasten your seat belt and travel with me to the school of poultry studies.
Misuse of antibiotics is common among poultry farmers and this is dangerous to both animals and human beings.Birds are becoming resistant to antibiotics.The remains of antibiotics are left in animal products like eggs, poultry meat and milk..
Do you know that common foods& spices we consume on a daily basis can also cure ailments in your poultry flock? Ginger,Pepper,Garlic,Aloe-vera and Yoghurt are just among the food and spices that are medicinal in nature. Farmers practicing organic farming will understand this better.
These natural medicines should be used alongside conventional drugs and vaccines but try as much as possible to include biosecurity measures to fight off diseases.This medications only apply to small holder farmers (200 birds and below).
1.) Pepper.
Pepper has been known to improve metabolism but in poultry it is useful as it aids killing parasites that cause digestive problems e.g Coccidiosis and also kills worms by burning them.
Sprinkle ½ teaspoon in chicken feed or feed to them free choice.
This particular spice alongside onions helps the birds in boosting immunity and fights respiratory problems in poultry.Garlic kill external parasites using the sulphur present
Add 3 cloves to 5 litres of water or a pinch or two of powdered garlic in dry feeds everyday.
Herbs for poultry 
Garlic cutest the many diseases of poultry
3.) Ginger.
Ginger in chicken will boost appetite, helps in digestive problems and is also an immune booster. Ginger has anti inflammatory and antiviral properties.
Just add a small pinch of ginger powder to the feed or feed it whole or grind it.
Ginger boosts the immune system of poultry
4.)Aloe vera
Aloe vera juice acts as an appetizer & also in treating wounds.Squeeze a few drops of aloe vera juice into d wound. It’s a natural antibiotic. It assists in curing of cannibalism.Apply it in d wounds of cannibalized birds and the bitter taste will deter the culprits.
Herbal remedy for poultry 
Aloe Vera is a natural medicine for poultry
5.) Fermented/sour milk/yoghurt
Sour milk/yoghurt act as a probiotic and kills harmful bacteria in the intestines therefore ensuring an improved immunity. As a result of this, diarrhoea is prevented.
Add it to feeds to form lumps but do not drench. It can also be fed free of choice.
Yoghurt for poultry
Source:Red House Spice
6.)Papaya/pawpaw seeds.
Pawpaw seeds act as a good dewormer and also prevents coccidiosis infection.The seeds are used for this.
Dry the seeds for two weeks and grind them.Mix 10gms of the powder in 10litres of water.
Herbal remedy for poultry diseases in Nigeria 
Pawpaw: One of the herbal remedy for poultry diseases in Nigeria
7.)Pumpkin/cucumber/courgette seeds.
These seed when ground can be mixed in water to control worms.
8.)Stinging nettle.
The plant provides lots of vitamins and minerals to your poultry flock.
You can dry the leaves and make powder for use on water or feeds.
Herbal cure for poultry diseases in Nigeria 
Stinging nettle:cures poultry diseases
9.)Apple cider vinegar.
Available in the supermarkets.Use 5mls in 1 litre of drinking water and give to your birds for 3-5 days once a month. Rich in vitamins and minerals. If you know of any other medicinal plant or spices please feel free to add in the comment section.
Herbal Remedies for Poultry in Nigeria
Apple Cedar Vinegar:Herbal Remedies for Poultry in Nigeria
10.) Neem leaves for poultry
Neem leaves is very good for rearing birds because it has antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, antiprotozoal, and anti-helmithic properties. Neem also helps to protect the liver in poultry and boosts their immune system.Neem leaves is one of the herbal treatment for Newcastle diseases
Avoid misuse of antibiotics and always vaccinate your birds.