Heat Management in Chicken

Heat Management in Chicken
Whether we like it or not, the weather is gradually changing in Nigeria and we are having more heat period than other season.
As you know that Chicken dont have sweat glands, they are easily affected by heat .
Heat induced the chicken to stress and stress would lead to death of your chicken.
Lets go further in this article as we talk more on heat management in chicken.
First of all, what Category of Chicken is yours.. Are they broilers or layers? 
Whatever the Case May be, 
First of all, 
Check the building of your Chicken, how far is the roof from where the chickens are? 
Is the roof about 1m above where the chickens are .
If your Poultry house is not well structured in a way like that, you might need to do the needful by re adjusting the chicken house.
Still on the poultry chicken house, is there enough window?
 Is there cross ventillation?
This is one of the reasons why chicken house have wire mesh covering half of the poultry chicken house. 
During heat period, you need to be giving your chickens multivitamins, add liquid or powder multivitamins to their water, so that your chicken would not loose some minerals that might help to regulate heat.
Make sure you withdraw food from your chicken during the time of 12pm to 3pm,at this time the heat is very intensive. At this time, just give them water.
Lastly, Make sure your have a good management practice which includes hygiene and the rest.
This is the few ways you can manage heat in chicken and i hope you have learn one or two things