Feeding Grass to Poultry Animals – Truth and Lies

Feeding Grass (Hydroponic) to Poultry Animals – Truth and Lies
We are all looking for a way to reduce the cost of production which is a good thing to do.
Once we reduce the cost of production, the profit margin would be higher, we would have the money to pay the staff and run the business very well, we wont need to borrow money anywhere.
But, do we think feeding grass to chicken is the way out?
If you practice free range Farming, you will notice that turkey mostly love to eat grass and any thing they see that would make their crop (stomach) full.
 This does not mean that Turkey prefer eating grass to grains (maize, etc) . 
 It only means that turkey sometimes want a dissert,an appetizer or a change of taste. 
How about Chicken? Does it eat grass too?
Yeah, Chickens sometimes eat grass. It is not as obvious as Turkey but they do if they are on range.
I Can say, if you practice free range Your poultry animals would sometimes eat grass just to change taste or fill their crop. For any other reasons, I Cant tell.
Is Grass good for Chickens and Turkey?
Can Chicken and Turkey disgest grass?
Grass are Fibrous in Nature, they are made up of Fibre.
Fibre are good for Ruminant animals, Ruminant animals are animals with four stomach . 
Examples of Ruminant is goat. You can search the internet for other ruminant. 
Poultry Animals like chicken and Turkey does not have more than one stomach and that is the crop.
Chickens and Turkey dont have the stomach to digest grass,their stomach does not produce the enzymes that would break down the grass. 
Eating grass or feeding grass to chicken, would only make their stomach filled up. 
Chicken can not digest grass and as a matter of fact,they would excrete it the way they eat it.
So please dont feed grass to your chicken as it does not add any value to the chicken.