Feed formulation using two ingredients

Feed formulation using two ingredients
Last article we posted on Nagro, we talk about feed formations but it’s all about the introductory part.
Many people came to this site to complain that they couldn’t find the feed formulation. Well, today we would teach you on how to formulate feed using two ingredients.
If you are using two ingredient, it would be one energy source and one protein source.
Let’s assume we want to use this combination of fees ingredients.
Maize (energy source) and Soya (protein)
Maize (energy source) and GNC (protein)
GNC (energy) and offal (protein)
Offal (energy) and Soya (protein)
GNC (protein) and Maize (energy)
Sorghum (energy) and soya (protein)
Sorghum( energy) and GNC (protein)
Fish meal (protein) and maize (energy)
Fish meal (protein) and sorghum (energy)
The above is the combination of feed ingredients you can use for your feed formulations, note that in the above illustration, we have both energy and energy (carbohydrates ).
Now how do we combine these ingredients and make our birds more productive.
I am not repeating what I have talked about last article on feed formations, please read it first before reading this article. Read Here (intro to feed formulations)
We want to make 100kg of feed, we can combine this feed ingredients in a ratio of 50/50 (50 kg of energy and 50kg of protein)
It can be 60/40 ( 60kg of energy, 40kg of protein or 40kg energy, 60kg) etc. You can combine it like that for easy making of feed.
But the most difficult part of it is what would be discussed in the next article,
This article is limited in such a way that, the protein in the feed might not be enough for that particular chicken, or it may be too much for the chicken..