I Know how disappointing it could be if the expected weight of your broiler is not met.
You will be intimidated by the mare sight of your competitors’ Chickens- No body wants such experience. 
So in this article I will quickly give you 4 simple steps to quickly fatten up your Broilers before sales.
My Recipes 
Roasted soybeans: Heating it will not only help in destroying the anti-nutritional factor ( trypsin inhibitor) but also improve it palatability.


Groundnut cake,  GNC, or roasted groundnut ( just a little roasting)
Palm kernel cake, PKC, (optional) grind smoothly.
Fish meal, FM, (optional)
Note: This may cause overweight if yours Chickens’ feed is not well supplemented with calcium during the starter and grower stage. And they might also experience so digestive stress, especially due to PKC addictive. Just add a little of it or leave entirely.
Step 1
Mix the fattening ingredients, corn, soybeans, and groundnut cake in the following ratio 2: 1: 1. 
For example, 2 kg of corn, 1kg of soybeans, and 1kg of GNC. 
Then for PKC and FM, you can add 1/4kg  or 1/2kg respectively. The mixture will form a mash.
Step 2
Fill the feeding trough with the mash and provide plenty of water along with each feeding. Feed the birds lightly for the first week three times a day, giving them less meal than they would consume entirely, thus leaving them slightly hungry in preparation for the following weeks.
Step 3
Clean and empty the feeding troughs when the chickens have finished feeding. After the first week, feed the birds twice a day as much food as they can eat.
Step 4
Supply your broiler chickens with plenty of fresh clean water at least twice a day.
Disclaimer: This is not a standardized recipe, but my personal little secret of fattening up my Broilers if I feel that the feed is not doing the job.
If you like you can also mix it with their feed. But for a quicker result serve it alone.
I wish you good and profitable sales.