Facts about Eating a Dead Chicken

Fact about eating a Dead Chicken
Must you eat a dead in your Farm? Is it good for health?
Am not a Pastor and so i would not tell you what to do. But am a Farmer and we are looking at it from a science perspective.
Dead and Live chicken that you kill are not that different but they are difference.
Live chicken was killed by you while the dead chicken was killed by disease or naturally.
Just like human beings, some chicken are to have a short life span, with no reason or the other, they just die.
The taste of a live chicken would definitely be sweeter than a dead chicken.
What make live chicken more tasty?
Simply because we killed it, the blood in the veins are drain out. If not all, 70% of the blood are out of the body.
Secondly reason why Live chicken that is killed is more sweeter than dead chicken is because of the tenderness, the softness will make all the sauces like maggi, flavor etc to sink into the chicken, making it more sweet.
Eating Dead Chicken is like eating blood, the blood of the chicken is still in the body of the chicken.
 The blood might carry one or two pathogens. I know you would say that you cook the chicken, but some disease dont die at 100° boilling point.
No matter how much you wash it, there would still be some blood left in the chicken meat.
After 10 to 30 minutes of death,the dead chicken would be stiff because of rigor motive and decomposition of the body due to micro-organism that would feed on the dead chicken.
What you are supposed to do with a dead chicken is to bury it far away from the farm or house, you can decide to burn it off.
Take a dead chicken to the Lab for Post Mortem, this is to find out the cause of death and possible treatment to prevent others from death.
But what they do in this country Nigeria, after a Chicken is dead it would be sold off as frozen foods and the buyer would be the one to buy a dead chicken as frozen foods.
Eating a dead chicken is like eating a dead Human Being, there is no respect in that, no life in that.
In case of zoonotic disease, you may be infected with the disease that killed the chicken.
Zoonotic disease are disease that can be transferred from human beings to animals amd vice versa.
If the chicken die of zoonotic diseases,whoever eat the chicken would also suffer the same cause.
Luckily, we dont have much zoonotic disease of chicken except for few like bird flu,etc.
In Cases of Worms, you may also get intestinal worms .
Eating a dead chicken might predispose you to disease.
With these facts, i believe you can learn one or two things.
The decision to eat a dead chicken is yours to make and not mine.