Effects and Importance of Onions on Broilers

Effects and Importance of Onions on Broilers
Have you ever thought of using onions for your broiler chicken?
I used to tell people that, broiler chicken is one of those animals that can help you master Organic Farming, you can test your organic method with them.
Unlike layer chicken, which your organic method may affect their egg production positively or negatively.
Onions is a natural Anti- Oxidant.
They help to boost hormones and make the people more resistance to disease.
This bring me to the questions, why do some people hate eating onions?
Probably because of the taste, or because they weep while preparing it, so they naturally hate onions.
What Effect does Onions have on broilers?
According to Research , Broiler fed 30 g/kg onion juice increased body weight gain, increased the serum high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol and decreased triglyceride level.
In lay man term, it help them convert feed to meat easily and improve weight. They gain more weight
secondly, Consumption of onion promote heat tolerance of broilers. 
It can be concluded that addition of onion either as a powder or liquid reduces the adverse effect of heat stress .
It Make Broilers more heat tolerance..
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