Effect and Uses of Molasses on Chicken

Effect and Uses of Molasses on Chicken
Molasses is product of Sugarcane.
What do i mean? In a simple term amd definition. 
Molasses is gotten from Sugar cane and other sugar Related substances .
There are different type of Molasses but that is not the essence of this topic and writeup.
Mollasses is a Semi Liquid substance that is gotten after a long cooking of sugar cane.
Well, we would talk extensively on how to make your own Molases.
Because Many of Us have sugarcane in our backyard.
Molasses is used as a binder and energy source in many types of livestock feed due to its palatability or should i say because of its Sweetness.
Adding a drop or semi drop of molasses to your chicks’ water when they first arrive will give them the energy needed to survive. 
We know or might not know the stress which your DOC might pass through from the hatchery before they arrived at your Farm or House.
We all know that Sugarcane is energetic, it boost energy.
30 g of molasses per liter of water from 0–2 weeks of age, 
50 g/litre  2–4 weeks 
 75 g/litre 4–8 weeks. 
Effects of Molasses on Broiler

Molasses Increase body weight, conformation parameters (breast width, keel length).
It also help to reduce mortality (death) in Chicken.
Too much of Molasses can cause diarrhea