Economic Importance of Mosquito in Poultry

Economic Importance of Mosquito in Poultry
Many Farmers are yet to know the effects or importance of Mosquitoes in their poultry Farm.
Why do you think Poultry Farms are always Covered with Wire mesh? 
Do you think it is because of Smakes and Other predators only?
The Answer is No.
One of the Reasons for Using wire mesh in Poultry is Because of Mosquitoes.
Though Poultry Animals Have feathers, but the Feather does not Cover all theor body. 
There are Some part of Poultry animals that are not covered with Feathers, thus exposed.
Also, in cases where your poultry animals or Chicken are yet to grow feathers, they are predispose to Mosquitoes.
What then is the Economic Importance of Mosquitoes?
Chicken and Other Poultry Animals don’t have Malaria when bitten by mosquitoes but they have Fowl Pox.
Yes, Your chicken May have Fowl pox when bitten by Mosquitoe hence the reasons for using wire Mesh in Poultry Houses.
And if you have Poor hygiene and Management, it invite Mosquitoes and you will pay dearly by loosing birds and chicken.
We have articles on treatment of Fowl Pox on this website, kindly search as we would not be discussing it Again.
Thank you