Difference between Pullet and Layers

Difference between Pullet and Layers
This is like asking,what is tge difference between a girl and a woman? 
We all knew that a girl would grow up into a beautiful woman. Responsible or not as a woman, that would depends on the upbringing and other factors .
A pullet is a young female Chicken which would grow up into an adult female chicken.
A pullet is also a female chicken that has not started repeoduction.
 This means that a pullet is a chicken which has not yet developed all the necessary organs and hormones needed to lay egg and do other things an Adult chicken do.
Looking for tge right age bracket to define a pullet?
 Lets Say a Female chicken would be called a pullet till the day it produce ger first egg.
A Layer is an Adult female Chicken that has been genetically modified to lay eggs.
Layers refers to chicken which are Chicken which lay eggs everyday and all through the year.
Every Female Chicken are not layers.
Layers is a term to refers to genetic imoroved Chicken, E.G ISA brown, which is very common in Nigeria as the only breed of Chicken that lay eggs.