calculating eggs production percentage and profit analysis

How to calculate eggs production percentages 
This post is to help farmers and intending farmers to be able to calculate and look into their layers farming business and for see or cross check of they are making profit from their business or not
So please take your time to read this article as it contains numbers and calculations which some people may find difficult to understand but we have made it simpler to understand because we are farmers. 
All numbers are based on example,  it’s now left to you to use the real life figures to calculate based on the cost of feed in your area or country. 
At the end of this post farmers should be able to know their stand whether to sell their layers or continue the business. 
For example I have 1000 layers ,
1000 layers will eat 125kg of feed daily and if your management is okay and effective they will produce 900 eggs daily which is 30 crates.
A crate of egg contains 30 eggs 
To calculate eggs production 
30 crates =
(900÷1000) * 100/1 = 90%
In case your eggs are not up to 900 per day. 
To calculate the laying percentage 
Is equal to 
The number of egg laid divided by the total number of layer chicken multiply by 100
As worked above using the assumption of 900 eggs laid from 1000 layer chicken 
This mean that I am having 90% production
If you are not having up to 80% egg production, please just sell them off because you are not going to be making any profit from it. 
You can do some calculations like below,  because below we use an assume price of feed which may be more expensive than what we wrote below. 
Let’s say the price of feed is assume to be below
Price of layers feed for 25kg is #5300×5=26500.
Since 200 chicken would eat 1 bag of feed per day,  that means 1000 chicken would eat 5 bag of feed per day 
#26500 feed ,.. You spend 26500 on feed daily 
1 crate of eggs cost #1300 while large eggs cost #1500  (which may be higher now due to economic reasons,  please always do your calculations right) 
If I sell 30 crate I would sell them at 39000 at 1300 each. 
Subtracting the cost of feed 26500 from the amount I sell egg,  I would have a gain of 12500 left. 
Using the above calculations to get how much I would be making in a month 
Daily profit is #12500*30= #375000
Let assume payment of salary and miscellaneous expensive =#75000
You will still be having #300000 monthly for 13 month before you will sell them at meat production old layers.
Please take a survey of how much a bag of feed cost in your area and the cost of egg and do the calculations as above to see if you are making a profit or loss. 
Layers farming will bring in more revenue than broilers, every body eat eggs .